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  Josh Harrell




Faith in Something Bigger,

Not about U but about Us,

Not about your V but about our We.

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Vidalia Girls Soccer

Vidalia Boys Soccer

Hannah Brantley

Walker James (JV)

Millicent Frost

Richard Palma

Abigail Mosley

Cameron Yarbrough

Bekkah Wheeler

Carson Cox

Katelin Blount

Jordan Davis

Rebekah Hilton

Parker Davis

Rebecca Lawrence

Colbie Dean

Stacie Wood

Elmer Ivon (JV)

Madison Britt

John Henry Stinett (JV)

Perla Hernandez

Bradely Moye

Melissa Poole

Josh Sowell

Summer Powell

Anthony Williams

Elyse Sherman

Naoh Stuckless

Jenna Wheeler

Blake Clark

Jacquline Chomskis

Jadin Cross

Madison Moore

Ben Wolfe

Hector Lara

Margaret Wolfe

Juan Giron

Allie Register

Will Harn

Aviya Day Scott

Sterling James


Brent Miller


Timothy Morrison


Tyler Pittman