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Bowen, Jeff Assistant Principal
Sharpe, John Principal
Reid, Charles Athletic Director

Askins, Latrell Special Ed
Banks, Erin Visual Arts
Barfield, Jan (Rebecca) Foreign Language/Spanish II,III,IV
Barker, Chad Social Studies
Beck, Ben Science
Brogdon, R.N., Melody School Nurse
Brooks, Leona ROTC
Calloway, Sandi Spanish
Campbell, Rachelle English
Carroll, Chris Guidance/Counselor
Champion, Kristen Math
Chomskis, Candace Math Teacher/ Dept. Chair
Chomskis, Lee History/Health/PE
Clark, Angela Math
Coleman, Carla Guidance/Counselor
Collins, Donna Business Management and Administration
Collins, Joy Social Studies
Cravey, Jay Construction- CTAE
Dalley, Tommy Health/PE
Dopson, Stephanie Special Education
Edenfield, Wes English
Ferry, James Math
Fountain, Will Automotive CTAE
Fullam, Steve Drivers Education
Garvin, Rodney Health/PE
Harn, William Science
Head, Kevin Marketing/Technology
Helms, Anna Business Education
Ikner, Hollie English
James, Phyllis Media Specialist
Leslie, Talia Science
McDonald, Eric Alt School, SPED
McLeod, David History
McLeod, Wade Science
Moore, Amy Cosmetology
Morgan, John Chorus/Show Choir
Murphy, Jill Family and Consumer Sciences
Ogle, Vicki Math
Owens, Shandra (Missy) Health/Physical Education- Department Chair
Pournelle, Margaret English Dept. Chair
Quigley, Timothy Fine Arts/ Band Director
Reid, Charles Athletic Director
Riley, Silvia English Teacher
Rivers, Beverly English Teacher
Robinson, Kim Social Studies
Ruff, Mack ISS
Salter, Alana Health Care Science Technology
Salzer, Emma Math
Sharpton, Jamie Science
Smith, Beth Mathematics
Toole, Ann Michele Science/Dept Chair
Ware, Carlos ROTC
Whitaker, Lagena Media Center Clerk
Windham, Melonie English
Yancey, Tiffany English

Braddy, Marcy Student Information Specialist
Bray, Alta Lunchroom Supervisor
Brogdon, R.N., Melody School Nurse
Butler, Sherri Lunchroom
Carpenter, Dwayne Resource Officer
Carroll, Chris Guidance/Counselor
Coleman, Carla Guidance/Counselor
Ellis, Lacey Spec Ed. Parapro
Howard, Patricia Front Office Secretary
Johnson, Lorance Lunchroom
Lockhart, Jessica Special Ed Parapro
Singleton, Eddie Maintainace
Stewart, Carolyn Lunchroom
Taylor, Chiquita Lunchroom
Vallin, Rosa Guidance Secreatary
Waring, Cynthia Bookkeeper
Whitaker, Lagena Media Center Clerk