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ATTENTION --- Rising Seniors & their Parents - Class of 2018
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Monday, May 22, 2017
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 Ø  WE WANT ALL SENIORS INCLUDED IN THE HOBACHEE YEARBOOK… please follow these directions:  To have continuity among the senior pictures, all SENIOR FORMAL PICTURES (tux/drape) will be taken by The Davis House Photography Studio. They will send all the formal pictures to us for the yearbook.


Ø  Call The Davis House (537.8455) to set up an appointment to get your senior formal picture taken this summer. Also, they will offer one day on campus for seniors to get a formal picture taken (usually in late September or early October), but most people are more satisfied with an in-studio picture than a school picture. PLEASE CALL TO SET UP YOUR APPOINTMENT; WE WANT YOU IN THE YEARBOOK.


Ø  We will also include in the yearbook a SENIOR CASUAL PICTURE and SENIOR QUOTE for no charge – casual pictures can also be taken at The Davis House or at another reputable photography studio of your choice. Senior quotes can be turned in after the school year begins (guidelines apply).


Ø  We also have available SENIOR AD SPOTS in the yearbook… this is a place to showcase your senior and to include personal notes as well as pictures from birth to his / her teen years. These spots range in sizes and prices. We will send information in a separate mailer. Or, you can contact Ms. Donna Collins at VHS about reserving an ad spot.


Ø  As soon as your senior year begins, RESERVE YOUR YEARBOOK! Once the year gets under way, it’s easy to forget.  You wouldn’t believe how many graduates come back to ask about purchasing a yearbook because they “forgot” to do it while in school. Don’t forget yours… it’s way more than a Snap, Tweet, or Insta Post!


Ø  Please do not delay in getting your formal picture taken by THE DAVIS HOUSE. Our yearbook deadlines will come up quickly on us once your senior school year begins.

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