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Assignments - Drivers Education(Archived)
Course Description
Due Date: 10/4/2012
Subject: Drivers Education


1.     The Course

The Driver Education class at Vidalia High School is a State of Georgia Department of Driver Services certified course. Passing this course will satisfy the Driver Education requirement to get a driver’s license under the graduated driver licensing program. This course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction as required by the State Department of Driver Services. During the 30 hours of classroom instruction any absences must be made up in accordance with Department of Driver Services policy. An absence for any reason whether it be excused, unexcused, or school sponsored must be made up. A student who enrolls in the class late must also make up all absences. This course is audited by the Department of Driver Services and documentation must be provided to show that all student absences are made up.

2.     Classroom Instruction

We will cover seven chapters from the driver education textbook Drive Right during the first thirty days of each semester. All work will be done in the classroom. The only homework will be to study for tests and practice driving. If a student does not attain a passing grade at the end of the classroom instruction he or she will not advance to the driving portion of the class and will fail for the semester. You must pass both portions of the class in order to pass the class as a whole. There will be no extra credit to help pull up grades. Driving a car takes responsibility, so you must be responsible enough to pass the tests in the first place.

3.     Driving Instruction

After successful completion of the classroom instruction students will receive at least six hours of behind the wheel instruction. Our goal during this time is to help the student become a good defensive driver. Each student must drive in downtown Vidalia while being tested in order to pass the class. While we will work on rudimentary driving skills, we may not have time to teach a child to drive from scratch. Practice driving at home is crucial to developing the students’ driving skills. We cannot take a student into town if we are not confident in his or her driving skills; in this case they will not pass the class.

4.     Rules

All Vidalia High School rules will apply at all times. Students must provide a valid learner/driver license within three days of the start of the semester or be moved to another class. If at any point the instructor feels that a student cannot be trusted to drive safely and responsibly they will be removed from the class or banned from driving. In either case they will not receive credit for the class.



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