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WH 1002 Fall 2010 Syllabus

World History 1002 - Fall Semester 2010

Instructors:  Mrs. Kim Robinson

         Coach Ferry

Textbook:  Prentice Hall World History

Email: krobinson@vidalia-city.k12.ga.us



History is not just a listing of facts and dates and people's names.  It is stories with engaging plot twists, intriguing characters, and incredible conflict.  This class will cover topics beginning with the Protestant Reformation, and there will also be a focus on basic geography skills.  We will examine major developments and themes in all regions of the world.  Lecture, individual and group projects, and discussions are the methods that will be used to explore this subject.  This class is a requirement for graduation in the technical/career program of study.


You need the following materials in class EVERY DAY:

          1. Notebook - Three-ring binder with dividers - Stay organized.

          2. Textbook - Keep it covered ALL SEMESTER!! Periodic checks will occur.

          3. Black or blue pen or pencil

          4. Highlighter

          5. Index Cards

          6. 12 pack color pencils/Pack of fine markers




•Ø The student is required to follow all written and oral directions given in class.  Failure to abide by instructions could result in a zero (0) or a deduction of points as deemed appropriate.

•Ø You are required to put first and last name and date on all work. 

•Ø It is up to the student to find out about any assignment that was missed due to being absent.  An absence the day before an assignment is due (includes tests) does not excuse the student from the assignment.  All make up work should be completed within 3 school days after returning to school.  All tests will be announced at least 2 days in advance, and you are expected to take the test on that day.  If you are absent the day of the test (1 day), you will make up the test on the day you return after school.   A zero will be given after 3 days.  You must check with the teacher and schedule a make up time for other work.

•Ø Late assignments will only be accepted one day late.  Points will be subtracted for lateness. 

•Ø Check the dry erase board (Coming Soon) for upcoming tests and quizzes.

•Ø LOST books and those left in class will cost $1.00 to retrieve.

•Ø Considering the vast amount of material that must be covered, there is little time for the teacher to give you all the information you need.  Selected topics will be covered in class. You MUST keep up with the reading and writing assignments.

•Ø RESTROOM TRIPS.  You must use the restroom between classes. You may not go to the restroom during lecture and video time.  You will have 10 restroom passes per semester.  When you use these, you will spend time after school for restroom trips.

•Ø CELL PHONES.  Cell phones are prohibited in class. They must be in your book bag or purse beside your desk. Cell phones must be turned OFF (not silent). Cell phones cannot be on your body (jackets, shirts, clip ons, hoodies, etc.)



  •Ø Positive Use a respectful tone and volume (inside voices). Avoid using words that are hurtful to others. Support and encourage each other.  Choose an attitude of happiness.

•Ø Respectful   Allow me to teach and others to learn. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself/keep your area clean. Listen and pay attention to me whenever I am speaking.

•Ø Involved   Review your notes/readings daily. Do your class work and homework. Be actively engaged in the learning process. It is your responsibility and obligation to


•Ø Dependable  Come to class everyday and be on time. Bring your well-organized

 notebook to class EVERYDAY along with a pen/pencil. Turn in completed 

 assignments on time.

•Ø Excellence  Do your best work and your own work at all times. Be honest. Take responsibility for your choices/take action to correct mistakes



Grading is done on percentage.  Percentage values are based on complexity, time involved, and availability of help on the assignment. All assignments are not counted the same.  The following is a general, not an absolute policy.


          Daily grades         (Participation, class work, homework, etc.)          10% of grade

          Quizzes                                                                                    20% of grade

          Unit or Chapter Tests                                                                 40% of grade

          Projects                                                                                    15% of grade

          Final Exam                                                                               15% of grade



Extra credit will not exceed more than 5% of the total grade.  You can receive extra credit throughout the semester when it is offered.  Extra credit will not be added until the end of the semester.


The teacher reserves the right to make any changes in syllabus policy.