About VHS

Vidalia City Schools

Vidalia High School

Vidalia's Vision

Vidalia City Schools:

Setting the pace in equipping our students to be productive citizens.

Vidalia High School:

VHS will become a high-functioning Professional Learning Community in order to set the pace in equipping our students to be productive citizens.

Vidalia's Mission

Invest in relationships, Ignite learning, Inspire excellence, Impact community

Collective Commitments

Vidalia City School's Commitments:

  • Investing in diverse and inclusive relationships to create a positive and safe learning environment for all.

  • Igniting purposeful, innovative, and reflective practices through a culture of collaboration and professional learning.

  • Inspiring excellence by demonstrating critical thinking abilities, upholding ethical standards, and pursuing academic and extracurricular interests

  • Impacting our community through partnerships with all stakeholders and shared accountability for student success

Vidalia High School's Commitments:

  • Working in collaborative teams with collective responsibility for student learning.

  • Ensuring a guaranteed and viable curriculum for ALL students.

  • Using common assessments to monitor student learning.

  • Using common assessment data to strengthen teaching and learning.

  • Providing systematic interventions and extensions.

Strategic Initatives

I. Academic Achievement and Student Success

    • To increase students’ readiness for post-secondary options

    • To increase mastery of content in all areas

    • To improve the use of effective instructional strategies in all content areas

    • To improve data-driven instructional practices

II. Quality Staff Learning & Growth

    • To recruit highly qualified staff

    • To improve and sustain staff knowledge

    • To retain highly qualified staff

III. Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

    • To increase partnerships with community agencies and organizations

    • To increase quality family engagement

    • To increase effective internal and external communication

IV. Organizational & Operational Effectiveness

    • To improve facility safety and security

    • To maximize financial efficiency and effectiveness

    • To develop and improve cohesive operational processes and practices

V. Positive Culture & Climate

    • To develop and sustain positive relationships

    • To improve practices promoting a positive learning culture

    • To improve mental health, wellness, and social-emotional supports for staff and students